NATA 2022 – What is meant by MCQ, MSQ, PAQ and NAQ

  1. MCQ – MCQ is a Multiple Choice Question in which 4 answer choices are provided; of which one is the correct answer.
  2. MSQ – MSQ is a Multiple Answer Select type question where 8 to 10 answer choices are provided and 4 or 5 answer choices is the correct answer. If a candidate gets all the 4 or 5 correct choices right, as the case may be, the full mark is awarded.
  3. PAQ – PAQ is the Preferential Answer type question where each answer choice has a mark awarded. The mark is awarded based on the candidate’s choice of answer.
  4. NAQ – NAQ is the Numerical Answer type Question where no answer choices are given. The candidate has to provide a numerical answer. Alternatively, it could also be a fill in the blank question where the candidate has to fill in the blanks. The correct answer entered will be awarded the mark.