PISA – Papni School of Architecture

@PISA the teaching methodology is based on extensive use of contemporary technology aligned with traditional teaching methods. For every course being taught, a detailed Teaching Programme is prepared that outlines the Course Intent, Content, Conductance, Reading List and Schedule of Assignments. Teaching Programmes are regularly reviewed and updated to make learning a fun process.

Apart from classroom teaching, site studies, prototypes studies, field tours and market surveys are organized and undertaken regularly to expose the students to the world beyond classroom and studio walls.

Academic Facilities

An exclusive team of technically sound academicians with Chairman Prof. S. Rajappa having an experience of over 5 decades in both practice and academics, who has served to many institutions. His family has followed his footsteps with his daughter, son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter where in three generations of architects have jointly along with enterprising and dynamic people in their team to nurture aspiring architects to the next level.

We are proud to say ours is the only college owned and run by Architects, which will give a clear advantage to any student compared to other colleges run by non-architects.


B.Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture)






Our campus is such a pleasant place for creativity to any student, where in we at “PISA”, are determined to provide hands on exercise and teach the subject in a most practical way rather than in a mechanical way. We expose the students to various construction field activities, seminars by panel of industry expert members, design juries by various eminent architects.


Papni School of Architecture (PISA) has a unique feature of using one afternoon a week for extra mural activities designed for improving communication skills, building qualities of leadership, organizational ability and management skills. This timetable activity is compulsory for all is based on holding inter house competition in literary art, performing art and fine art activities. These afternoons are organized and managed by the students after structuring an activity calendar for the whole semester in the beginning of the semester.

The college also offers the opportunity of learning by travelling through its regular educational tours, which are held once a year.

Architectural DesignBuilding Services
Building Construction & MaterialsSurveying
Structural DesignComputer Aided Visualization
Architectural DrawingSpecification
History of ArchitectureBuilding Materials
Architecture Design TheoryBuilding Maintenance
WorkshopUrban Design
Interior DesignArchitecture Photography & Journalism
Rural ArchitecturePractical Training
Construction ManagementThesis

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