Prof. S. Rajappa B.arch, M.e (Urban) ,F.i.i.a, F.i.v - Chairman Of Papni School Of Architecture



Our Chairman's Achivements

  • Best Architect Award by Governor Of TamilNadu by Shobana Academy.
  • Vijay sree Award by Union Minister of Delhi.
  • Udyog Excellence Award.
  • L.E.F Award of Excellence to Architecture Profession.
  • Best Milleneum President of Rotary award.
  • Discon Y2k Award.
  • Best Architect-Rasika Excellence.
  • Member in Various Prestigious clubs.

” PISA: Papni School of Architecture, only standalone Architecture college in Tamil Nadu, owned and managed by Architects. “

Chairman’s Message:

Students aspiring to become Architects would find “PISA” as the only institution to fulfil their career dreams.

A holistic approach from the day one till the student gets graduated, under the orientation and guidance of the legendary Architect Prof. S. Rajappa, with over 5 decades of professional and academic experience all over India, with prolific unmatchable knowledge to shape up students in an exemplary way.

We would like to welcome all the aspiring Architects to PISA:Papni School Of Architecture. We assure all that, PISA would be the perfect place to learn and fulfil your ambitions, as PISA would be remembered for its distinct teaching pedagogy.

In India, with the rapid urbanization and economic growth, there is a huge demand to address the projected demand and supply at par with technological advancements and infrastructure development. Architecture is the only field that would integrate different aspects, both tangible and intangible, for creating a better society and sustainable environment.

The Architecture program is a challenging opportunity for all budding Architects who wish to contribute to the society by making it more sustainable through adaptive design solutions and professional practices. It is the only inclusive program that integrates art, research and experimentation desires amidst practical aspects of human life and nature.

” We at PISA look forward to young creative minds to learn together and to take the profession to the next level. “

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