Faculties with expertise in specialised areas under the guidance of legendary Architect Prof.S.Rajappa who is backed with practical and academic experience of 5 decades, is the core strength of PISA. Faculties of PISA are chosen not only based on their academic excellence but as well as their inputs in professional practise in Architecture and its allied fields.

Ar. S. Rajappa
Ar. S. RAJAPPA(Chairman)
CHAIRMAN | B. Arch, M.E (Urban), F.I.I.A, F.I.V


Prof. S. Rajappa after graduating from SAP Anna University joined PWD and was involved in various Landmark Government Projects. He resigned from PWD to start his own practice under the name of PAPNI ASSOCIATES when he was about to be elevated to the Grade of Chief Architect.
He has designed more than Thousands of buildings like Residential Apartments, Villas, Educational Institutions, Industrial Buildings, Multiplex, and Hospitals in various parts of India.

Prof. S. Rajappa is a distinguished Member & Chairman of various Professional and Academic bodies. He has been on the advisory boards of many Institutions and is a member of the Board of studies at Anna University as well. He continues to guide, encourage and inspire young Architects, Designers, and Planners with his immense expertise and experience and successfully guided Thousands of Architects who are all successful in Today’s practice in various parts of the world.

Apart from this, he was a Millennium President of the Rotary Club of Madras North and has won several Laurels under his leadership.

His passion for teaching has finally shaped into PAPNI SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE- An initiative as an exclusive stand-alone Architecture college –Run and Managed by Architects.

Ar. Vinod Rajappa
Ar. VINOD RAJAPPA(Principal)
B. Arch, Master in Town Planning (M.T.P)


A keen communicator and speaker with Leadership and analytical abilities.

Having completed both degrees B.Arch., and M.T.P., at School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Guindy started his career in Architectural practice along with his father Ar.S.Rajappa, in 2000.

He has handled various Architectural and Planning projects in many parts of India, and having academic experience of more than 18 years , has been instrumental in shaping budding Architects to make sure that the students acquire the essential skills that are required in the professional field.

He has delivered various lectures in different institutions and organised series of national level symposiums.

Ar. Jayanthi Vinod
Ar. JAYANTHI VINOD(Head of Department)
B. Arch, Master in Town Planning (M.T.P)


Started her career in Architecture and Planning soon after graduating in Masters degree in Town and Country Planning from SAP, Anna University ,Guindy in 2003. She has completed several Interior projects and designing of various landmark projects at many places in and around TamilNadu and above all a passionate academician with over a decade of experience to motivate and orient students to achieve academic excellence in Architecture.

Ar. A.s. Dewakar Raja
Ar. A.S. DEWAKAR RAJA(Associate Professor)
Ar. S. Tamilarasan
Ar. S. TAMILARASAN(Associate Professor)
B.Arch, M.Plan
Dr. Sendhil Vigneshwar
Dr. SENDHIL VIGNESHWAR(Associate Professor)
B.E. Civil, M.E. Construction engineering and Management, PhD (IIT Mumbai)
Ar. Sasidharn
Ar. SASIDHARN(Assistant Professor)
Ar. Aushwinlal J
Ar. AUSHWINLAL J(Assistant Professor)
Ar. Pavithrah Prakash
Ar. PAVITHRAH PRAKASH(Assistant Professor)
Ar. T.r. Boudha Priya
Ar. T.R. BOUDHA PRIYA(Assistant Professor)
B.arch., M.plan.
Ar. A.s. Suhail
Ar. A.S. SUHAIL(Assistant Professor)
Ar. S. Chandhini Menon
Ar. S. CHANDHINI MENON(Assistant Professor)
Ar. M.p. Aravind Balaji
Ar. M.P. ARAVIND BALAJI(Assistant Professor)
V. Sumitha
V. SUMITHA(Assistant Professor)
M.E. (Structure)
Er. Jaspin Anitta A
Er. JASPIN ANITTA A(Assistant Professor)
M.Tech (Structures)
Ar. Vinupraveen
Ar. VINUPRAVEEN(Assistant Professor)
Ar. Ayub
Ar. AYUB(Assistant Professor)
E. Malathi
E. MALATHI(Librarian)
CLIS., BLIS., MLIS., & B.Lit, DCA.