PISA – Mock Viva Rural Study 2021 – Mahendravadi Village

On 20th December 2021 at PAPNI School of architecture, we conducted a mock viva for our students on Rural Study. We conducted this in preparation for their final rural study project, which they will be presenting in class next month.

As part of their preparation for this Rural Study, they spent time studying the culture and architecture found within these Mahendhravadi village, which helped them better understand how to incorporate traditional elements into modern designs.

Our students created a miniature version of that Mahendhravadi village. It is not easy to create an exact replica, but it was quite accurate when it came to measuring and designing. The students were able to communicate what they had learned about the region’s culture by using this opportunity, as well as show their creative side. After all, architecture is about more than just drawing pretty pictures! The Mahendhravadi village has been around for centuries, so it gave our students a chance to see how architecture evolved over time. Our students also got a chance to study vernacular design, which can be seen throughout India as well as many other countries around the world where traditional building methods are still practised today.

It was an excellent presentation, and they did an amazing job! They were able to answer all the questions without hesitation, and it seemed like they already knew what they were talking about. We are so proud that our students are doing so well and that we have such talented architects coming out of our school!