Induction day celebration for 1st year students:

Congratulations to the new first year students of Papni School of Architecture. It’s a great time to be an architect!

The first day of the new academic session is always a special occasion, but this year’s induction ceremony was more than just an event. It was a milestone in the life of every student who stepped into it. For most, it marked their first day at college, and they couldn’t have been happier to be there. The hallways were buzzing with excitement as everyone waited eagerly for their turn to take the stage and make their pledge before being welcomed by Principal Ar. Vinod Rajappa on behalf of all his staff members present on campus.

The morning started off with some inspirational words from Principal Ar. Vinod Rajappa, He talked about how excited he was to see all these bright young minds starting out on this journey and that they should feel proud to be called architects now. Followed by some words from our very own Head Of Department, Ar. Jayanthi Vinod who gave us a brief introduction about what we can expect while studying architecture here at Papni School of Architecture. All 1st year students were invited to attend, and they all had a great time.

Induction day celebration for 1st year students The first day of school is always a special time in any student’s life. This was no exception for the new batch of architecture students at Papni School of Architecture, who had their induction ceremony yesterday. The event took place at the school’s Open Amphitheatre. Many other staff members also gave speeches before it was time for refreshments and mingling with old friends and new ones alike! We were delighted to see so many enthusiastic and eager young people on our induction day.