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Papni School of Architecture

Papni School of Architecture is the best standalone architecture college in Tamil Nadu because it offers its students a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in their chosen field. The school has a strong focus on both theoretical and practical training, giving students the skills they need to succeed in the competitive world of architecture.

There are many reasons why Papni School of Architecture is the best standalone architecture college in Tamil Nadu. Here are just a few:

1. We have an excellent faculty who are passionate about teaching and their students succeed.
2. Our curriculum is designed to give our students the skills they need to be successful in their chosen field.
3. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, so our students can get involved in something they’re passionate about outside of class as well.
4. We have a beautiful campus that provides our students with everything they need to succeed academically and personally.

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PROF. S. RAJAPPA B.ARCH, M.E (URBAN) ,F.I.I.A, F.I.V - Chairman of Papni School of Architecture
Prof .S.Rajappa

B.Arch, M.E (Urban) ,F.I.I.A, F.I.V

Chairman Message

Welcome to Papni School of Architecture !

We would like to welcome all the aspiring Architects to PISA: Papni School Of Architecture. We assure all that, PISA would be the perfect place to learn and fulfil your ambitions, as PISA would be remembered for its distinct teaching pedagogy.

Best Architecture College in Tamil Nadu

Academics - Papni School of Architecture

A Standalone Architecture College in Tamil Nadu.

Faculty - Papni School of Architecture

Our highly Talented & Skilled Faculty Team.

Life@PISA - Papni School of Architecture

A fully equipped campus to Learn, Craft & Explore.

Workshops - Papni School of Architecture

Experts from various fields are invited to conduct Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, Events to Educate our Students.

Papni School of Architecture - Study Tours

Every year, we arrange study tours to famous architecture landmarks to learn & experience the place.

Spotlight - Papni School of Architecture

A Spotlight of Creative Design works by our Talented Students.

Events & Workshops
Events & Workshops
render 2024 symposium
10 - 11 April 2024

Render 2024 Symposium

Papni School of Architecture, 302/1, Keeranallur village, Sriperumbudhur Taluk, Kancheepuram 602108. TN, India.

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Student Testimonials

Attending Papni School of Architecture is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The professors are incredibly supportive and helped me grow academically and personally. The staff are really dedicated, and I feel like I truly am part of a beautiful family.

Papni School of Architecture is an outstanding institution that truly prepares students for the future. The faculty are knowledgeable and passionate and the campus is full of resources for students.

The infrastructure and other facilities of the college are extremely good. The campus of Papni School of Architecture has now become my second home and the students and staff are like family to me.

Papni School of Architecture truly cares about its students. One of the things I really love about my college is how every student is provided with individual attention and how every student is constantly motivated by their peers, staff and the management.

Papni School of Architecture believes in helping and guiding its students on the right path to success. I’m truly grateful to be a part of such a loving community where everyone treats everyone else like family. I’m proud to call myself a student of Papni School of Architecture.

Papni School of Architecture is a place where one can learn while having fun. I’m so grateful to the management for providing me and my fellow students with several amazing opportunities.

Being a student of Papni School of Architecture has really made me fall in love with the degree of my choice. The college is run and managed by architects which makes it easier for us, students, to interact with eminent architects who help and guide us with much patience and passion.

Papni School of Architecture is a stand-alone college with a lush green campus. Life here at the college is really peaceful and tranquil. The staff and students are extremely friendly and we, as a community help build each other up.

I, as a student, love how every one of us is provided with individual attention and how every single one of us is given space to shine. It is an amazing opportunity for me and my friends to show our true potential and experiment our ideas with professional guidance from experienced architects such as Chairman Prof. S. Rajappa. I feel extremely elated to have made the right choice and join Papni School of Architecture.

The college organises several site visits and lectures and tours that allows us, as students, to get a practical and visual understanding of concepts. The staff are extremely supportive and encourage us to ask doubts and help clarify them.

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Affiliation & Approvals

Papni School of Architecture (PISA) is affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. Its B.Arch program has been approved by the Council of Architecture, New Delhi.

Is NATA exam tough?2023-12-31T12:23:56+05:30
  • The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) is perceived to have varying levels of difficulty depending on the candidate’s aptitude and drawing skills.
  • The exam assesses drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity, and critical thinking ability pertinent to architecture.
  • Some candidates and experts classify the exam as moderate to tough, with the difficulty level fluctuating between different phases and sessions of the exam.
  • Proper preparation, including freehand sketching/drawing and solving of past question papers, is emphasized as crucial to perform well in the exam.
What are some popular colleges in India for B.Arch programs?2023-12-31T11:08:40+05:30
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee
  • National Institute of Technology (NIT) Calicut
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur
  • School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Delhi
  • Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh
  • Papni School of Architecture (PISA), Tamil Nadu
Is NATA easier than JEE?2023-12-31T12:25:04+05:30
  • NATA focuses on drawing and observation skills.
  • JEE Main Paper 2 includes mathematics, aptitude, and drawing sections.
  • JEE Paper 2 has negative marking, while NATA does not.
  • Some consider JEE Main Paper 2 more difficult due to negative marking and higher competition.
  • Others find NATA’s online test challenging.
  • Difficulty level can be subjective, depending on the candidate’s strengths.
How is JEE Main conducted for B.Arch admissions?2023-12-31T11:09:56+05:30
  • JEE Main B.Arch admissions are based on the performance in the entrance exam.
  • Eligibility typically includes completing 10+2 with a minimum percentage, often 50% for general candidates.
  • JEE Main Paper 2 is specifically for B.Arch admissions and includes Mathematics, Aptitude, and Drawing sections.
  • The final admission is through JoSAA counseling based on JEE Main (Paper 2) scores.
  • Some institutions may also accept scores from other entrance exams like NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture).
Is NATA 2024 exam online or offline?2023-12-31T12:26:39+05:30
  • The NATA 2024 exam will be conducted both online and offline.
  • Part A of the exam, which is the Drawing and Composition Test, will be conducted offline.
  • Part B of the exam, will be MCQ, will be conducted online.
What is the process for getting admission to B.Arch colleges in India?2023-12-31T11:12:09+05:30
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Complete 10+2 or equivalent with Mathematics as a subject.
    • Some colleges also accept 10+3 Diploma holders with Mathematics.
    • The candidate should meet the minimum percentage criteria, which varies across institutions.
  • Entrance Exams
    • National Level Entrance Exams
      • NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture)
      • JEE Main (Paper 2) for B.Arch.
    • State Level Entrance Exams
      • Many states in India conduct their own entrance exams for architecture admissions.
    • University Level Entrance Exams
      • Some universities may have their own entrance exams and criteria.
  • Application Process
    • Register and appear for the respective entrance exams.
    • Fill out the applications for the colleges or universities you are interested in.
  • Counselling and Admission
    • After the entrance exam results are declared, the counselling process begins.
    • Participate in the counselling sessions, which may include document verification and seat allocation.
    • Some colleges may conduct personal interviews or portfolio reviews.
  • Merit-based Admission
    • Some private colleges may also offer seats based on the merit of the qualifying examination.
  • Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT)
    • For admissions to architecture programs at the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), candidates must qualify for the JEE Advanced and subsequently clear the AAT.
  • Documentation
    • At the time of counselling, candidates must produce educational certificates, entrance exam scorecards, identity proofs, etc.
  • Enrollment
    • Upon successful allocation of a seat and verification of documents, candidates must enroll in the college and pay the requisite fees to confirm their admission.
Is NATA exam compulsory for B.Arch Admission 2024?2023-12-31T12:28:43+05:30
  • Qualifying in NATA is a mandatory requirement to gain admission into any Institute/University offering a B.Arch degree program in India.
  • NATA or the JEE Mains Paper 2 exam are prescribed by the Council of Architecture as a compulsory criterion for taking admission to any Architectural College or university in India.
  • Passing the NATA exam is required for the architecture program to assess an applicant’s aptitude for a specific field of study, such as Architecture.
What is the syllabus for the entrance examinations?2023-12-31T11:19:30+05:30

The syllabus for B.Arch entrance examinations like NATA and JEE Main Paper 2 typically includes topics related to drawing and observation skills, sense of proportion, aesthetic sensitivity, and critical thinking ability that are related to architecture. For detailed syllabus, candidates should refer to the respective exam’s official website.

Click here to for NATA 2024 Syllabus

Is NATA enough to join B.Arch?2023-12-31T12:30:07+05:30
  • NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is typically necessary for admission into B.Arch programs in India.
  • JEE Main Paper 2 is also an option for aspiring architects, especially for government colleges and Schools of Planning and Architecture.
  • Some state-level exams like KCET may also be considered for B.Arch admissions in specific states.
Important Dates for B.Arch Admissions 20242023-12-31T11:23:02+05:30
  • Application Start Date: Dates vary by state and institution. (click here to apply now)
  • Entrance Exam Dates: Multiple exams like NATA, JEE Main, JEE Advanced with dates spread across the year. (click here to learn more)
  • Result Declaration: Follows the entrance exams, specific dates to be announced.
  • Counselling Dates: Scheduled after the results are declared.
  • Final Admission Date: Closes the admission cycle, specific dates to be confirmed.
How to join NATA 2024?2023-12-31T12:34:35+05:30

To join or Apply for NATA 2024 please visit the office website to apply online. Official Website link –

Fee Structure for B.Arch Courses in India2023-12-31T11:26:41+05:30
  • Average fee range: INR 2,00,000 to INR 8,00,000 per annum.
  • Government college fees: INR 1,00,000 to INR 2,50,000 approximately.
  • Private college fees: INR 1,00,000 to INR 6,00,000 approximately.
  • Hostel fees range: INR 7,000 to INR 1,60,000 approximately.
What is NATA full form?2023-12-31T12:37:30+05:30

NATA – National Aptitude Test in Architecture.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for B. Arch students?2023-12-31T11:30:58+05:30

There are a variety of scholarship opportunities available for B. Arch students in India. Many universities and private organizations offer scholarships based on academic merit, financial need, or other criteria. It is important for students to research and apply for these opportunities to help ease the financial burden of pursuing their education. Additionally, some government schemes such as the National Scholarship Scheme and state-specific scholarships are also available for B.Arch students in India.

For more details on scholarship details by Papni school of Architeture – Apply now 

Will NATA 2024 have drawing test?2023-12-31T12:39:09+05:30

Yes, NATA 2024 will have PART A – Drawing and Composition Test. This is one and half hour (90 minutes) – 80 Marks Test where candidate has to attempt three questions.

Are international students eligible to apply for B.Arch in India?2023-12-31T11:33:25+05:30

The eligibility criteria as stated specify that candidates must be of Indian origin. International students should refer to specific university guidelines as the eligibility may vary for international admissions.

what is NATA accreditation ?2023-12-31T12:40:15+05:30

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA), is conducted by National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture, which is a body of Council of Architecture, New Delhi in India.

Is the NATA score compulsory for B.Arch admissions?2023-12-31T11:34:16+05:30

Yes, candidates must have qualified the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) or JEE Main Paper 2 with a valid score for B.Arch admissions.

how to calculate NATA score?2023-12-31T12:41:40+05:30


Can I apply with a JEE Main Paper 2 score instead of NATA?2023-12-31T11:35:22+05:30

Yes, a valid score in either NATA or JEE Main Paper 2 is acceptable for B.Arch admissions.

How to prepare for NATA exam 2024?2023-12-31T12:43:48+05:30

NATA 2024 Preparation:

  1. Start early, at least six months to one year in advance.
  2. Follow a structured study plan.
  3. Focus on the NATA syllabus and exam pattern.
  4. Enhance creativity and drawing skills.
  5. Manage time effectively.
  6. Practice with NATA sample papers and previous year questions.
  7. Familiarize with the exam pattern and syllabus.
  8. Make less use of erasers while sketching.
  9. Use quality pencils for better sketching.
  10. Build confidence in drawing skills.
  11. Solve NATA sample papers and mock tests regularly.
  12. Prepare short notes for revision.
  13. Identify important chapters and focus on them.
  14. Review official NATA materials and resources.
  15. Consider online coaching classes for guidance.
  16. Register for the exam on the official NATA website.
  17. Understand the application process and fee details.
  18. Keep track of exam dates and related events.
  19. Use recommended preparation books and study materials.
Is there a counseling process for B.Arch admissions?2023-12-31T11:36:04+05:30

Yes, there is usually a centralized counseling process for allocation of seats in various colleges based on the scores of the entrance exams.

What is B. Arch?2023-12-31T09:46:35+05:30

B. Arch, or Bachelor of Architecture, is an undergraduate degree program in the field of architecture. It prepares students for a career as a professional architect by providing them with knowledge and skills in design, construction, and building science. This degree is highly sought after due to the increasing demand for sustainable and innovative design solutions in the modern world.

What subjects will I study in the B.Arch program?2023-12-31T11:36:43+05:30

The B.Arch curriculum typically includes subjects related to architectural design, theory, history, technology, and practice. The exact subjects can vary by institution.

Can we do B.Arch without NATA ?2023-12-31T12:01:55+05:30

Eligibility for B.Arch without NATA:
1. Direct admission into B.Arch programme without a valid NATA score is possible in some cases.
2. Some private colleges may offer admission without JEE or NATA scores.
3. Admission to B.Arch without NATA may require appearing for JEE Main Paper 2.
4. The Council of Architecture in India mandates NATA or JEE Mains score for admission into top architecture colleges.
5. Some colleges may admit students based on other architectural entrance exams or criteria.

What are the entrance exams required for B.Arch admission?2023-12-31T09:49:15+05:30

To gain admission into a B.Arch program, students are typically required to take an entrance exam such as the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) or the Joint Entrance Examination for Architecture (JEE Arch). These exams test a student’s aptitude in areas such as mathematics, drawing, and general knowledge. They are designed to assess a student’s readiness for the rigorous coursework and hands-on learning that is required in an architecture program.

What are the career prospects after completing B.Arch?2023-12-31T11:39:19+05:30

Career Prospects After B.Arch

  • Urban Planner
  • Landscape Architect
  • Restoration Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Artist
  • Research Architect
  • Building Surveyor
  • Construction Manager
  • Estates Manager
  • Estimator
  • Historic Buildings Inspector/Conservation Officer
  • Architectural Engineer
  • Architectural Historian/Journalist
  • Art Director
  • Building Contractor
  • Lighting Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Entrepreneur
  • Real Estate Development
  • Government and Private Sector Architect
Is NATA exam easy?2023-12-31T12:04:02+05:30
  • NATA can be easy for those who have mastered freehand sketching and drawing skills.
  • The difficulty of NATA largely depends on the individual’s aptitude and drawing abilities.
  • It is considered one of the toughest architecture entrance exams in India.
  • Proper preparation is crucial to find the exam manageable.
  • Solving many practice questions and having a structured study plan are recommended for success.
How can I apply for B.Arch 2024 admission?2023-12-31T09:54:32+05:30

To apply for B.Arch admission, students must register and qualify for the dedicated entrance exams such as JEE Main or NATA. 

  • Check eligibility requirements (typically includes completing Class 12 or equivalent with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).
  • Appear for entrance exams like NATA or JEE Main (Paper 2 for B.Arch).
  • Register for the entrance exam and fill out the application form as per the schedule.
  • Qualify in the entrance exam and obtain a valid score.
  • Participate in the counselling process which may include document verification, choice filling, and seat allotment.
  • Complete the registration process for the chosen college or university after seat allotment.
  • Submit required documents such as mark sheets, proof of age, entrance exam scorecard, and other relevant certificates during counselling or admission.
Why study a 5-year B.Arch program?2023-12-31T11:42:06+05:30
  • Provides a comprehensive education in principles and practice of architecture
  • More in-depth exploration of design, construction, history, theory, and technology
  • Prepares graduates for professional registration and practice in architecture
  • Offers combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience
  • May allow for more career opportunities and higher pay
  • Can offer more flexibility for graduate studies in related fields
  • Builds a solid grounding in topics like architectural history and urban design
  • Accredited degree often required to sit for state licensing exams
what is nata exam?2023-12-31T12:21:20+05:30

NATA, or the National Aptitude Test in Architecture, is an entrance exam conducted by the Council of Architecture (COA) in India for admissions to undergraduate programs [ B Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) ] in architecture. The exam evaluates a candidate’s aptitude and understanding of architecture and is widely accepted by government and private colleges for admission to their B. Arch programs across the country. It consists of two parts – Part A – Drawing and Composition Test – Offline Test, and Part B – MCQ – Computer based online Test which focuses on aesthetic sensitivity, logical reasoning, and general knowledge related to architecture. NATA 2024 is held on every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) this year.

What are the eligibility criteria for B.Arch admission 2024?2023-12-31T09:56:44+05:30
  • Passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) subjects
  • Minimum required marks: 50-55% aggregate in 10+2
  • For diploma holders, pass with 50% in Diploma (any stream) (3 years) with Mathematics
  • Qualifying entrance exam such as NATA, JEE Main, JEE Advanced
  • For NATA, must pass 10+3 Diploma with Mathematics or class 12 with PCM
  • Age limit specifics not typically mentioned, but some institutions may have their own age criteria
Does NATA exam have negative marking?2023-12-31T12:22:49+05:30
  • There is no negative marking in the NATA exam.
  • Questions will carry either 1, 2 or 3 marks each.
  • Candidates can attempt all questions without fear of marks deduction for incorrect answers.
Can I get admission in B.Arch without appearing for NATA or JEE Main?2023-12-31T09:59:10+05:30

No, admission to B.Arch programs in India requires a valid score in NATA or JEE Main.

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